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Broadway Dance Elite Students train at a challenging level and are committed to achieving their personal best. Students enrolled in our pre-professional program will not only gain excellence in training, but older students will gain an advantage if pursuing a career in dance – whether as a dancer, choreographer, or teacher. Students will also have the opportunity to train as an assistant teacher and choreographer. Elite dance students in our graded levels have the opportunity to audition and perform in our Studio Dance Company.

Being a member of our Dance Elite program is a privilege and honor and its intention is to develop strong, disciplined, confident, and artistic dancers – with the highest of technical standards. Admittance is by approval or audition only.

Along with the below classes, students attend Special Skills workshops/master classes (as appropriate) and participate in SS performances and productions as participation offers artistic, technical and emotional growth opportunities, both individually and as a team. 

Along with auditioning and participating in SS productions, students will also have the opportunity to  “work crew” on other performances at Studio Sharise.

Eligible students have the opportunity to be inducted into National Honors Society for Dance Arts (NHSDA)

Middle school and high school students also have the opportunity to become mentors in our Legacy Leadership program.

Students participate in our Wellness Program

High School students will be given guidance when moving onto college or career

As partners with Broadway Connection, our students have the opportunity to train and learn from Broadway professionals.


Foundations students
(ages 7+)
Dancers in graded levels
(Lvl 1+)
Jazz class Jazz class
Tap class Tap class
Ballet Technique class Ballet Technique class (1 class a week)
SSFIT classes SSFIT classes
AcroDance class AcroDance class
Singing Class Contemporary (2A)
Performance Awards/Exam Program Singing Class
 Master Classes & Workshops Performance Awards /Exam Program
  Master Classes & Workshops