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What people are saying about Studio Sharise - Raves and Reviews

"Studio Sharise is awesome! Sharise is encouraging, gentle, kind and patient with our daughter. Sharise keeps the classes fun and creative for the kids and knows how to keep them interested. We definitely recommend her classes for any children interested in dancing at any level." - Amorrina Paeste

"Again, I really appreciate all that you are teaching me in jazz class!!! I'm truly learning techniques that I can actually understand as well. It's tough knowing that after 3 lessons, it's over :( Sometimes my local community theater will ask me to choreograph shows and lately it's been a bother to do that because I felt I've lost touch with choreographing. I think it's because I've lost touch with dancing for myself. I've forgotten the joys of movement and dance. But learning dance, even from basic movements and names, I'm learning to love dance all over again. This is a big step because I'm enjoying dance, but hopefully I'll be back enjoying choreographing shows too! I want to do that again and love it! So, I know you have a busy schedule, but would it be possible to continue taking private jazz dance lessons from you? I'm not worried about any conflicts for myself." - Mizie I.

My daughter and I love working with Sharise! She's fun, talented, and knows her stuff. She's a good balance of being gentle while still pushing you to give it your all and do your best. She's very encouraging, and helps me feel good about being me. - Pati S.

" We really enjoyed your class. We had such a great time! That was something new that we've never done but performing arts was so much fun. We would love to do this again. Can we schedule something for the summer? Thanks again. You were great!" - Steller Learning Academy

"You do an AMAZING JOB! Thank you for getting residents that wouldn't normally participate involved. You get them active and make it fun for them. Thank you for all the happiness you bring to our residents!" - Activities Director at Lincoln Glen Manor

Here is not a studio, here is a family with great people who motivate and inspire you to make your dreams come true. - Quynh Le ( music student)
My friend and I have taken 5 acting class sessions with Sharise for the summer. Sharise teaches acting in a way the brings out the natural character that we have within us to develop our progress, strength and style in acting. She has these acting/drama games that are unique, and unlike what you might expect in a typical acting or drama class. She really brings it out from you!  Sharise is kind, non-judging, and absolutely fun to learn from. She does give suggestions, offers advice, and she will want you to re-do the skit or scene if she feels you may need to fine tune the action or reaction. In other words, lessons with her can be intense, but so worth it, because you will learn a lot of acting techniques and skills. Sounds like an infomercial, but I really felt I had developed better acting skills and methods in just 5 lessons! The studio's atmosphere is clean, modern, and from what I've noticed, besides Sharise herself being friendly, outgoing, yet easygoing, the rest of the staff seems happy and friendly as well. I am really looking forward to returning with perhaps more acting lessons, or even dance lessons. Her studio even has an open mic night where her students sign up to perform whether playing an instrument, performing a monologue, dance number, poetry reading. How cool is that??? I really enjoyed acting lessons with Sharise and so did my friend! It was an eye-opening learning experience! -  M Imagawa