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What people are saying about Studio Sharise - Raves and Reviews

...as you climb the stairs to Sharise's studio you are entering a magical place. Sharise is an amazing teacher, she genuinely cares for all her students. She's not only teaching my daughter to become a better dancer, she's teaching her to be a better person, more confident in her abilities. My daughter is starting her fourth year with Studio Sharise and is taking every type of dance class offered, and is further stretching herself by joining the class for the fall musical. If you are wondering, just try it, you'll like it! - D. Rowe

"Its hard to put into words how wonderful Studio Sharise has been for my 9 yr old daughter. This is our second year here. My daughter had taken the combo class last year and is doing the advanced Tap class this year. She has extremely enjoyed learning with Sharise and the having the whole experience of being in the Studio. She has participated in the year end shows for the past 2 years and really loved the experience. She was chosen to be one of the best outgoing students of her class. The whole experience was so precious and amazing for my child. The efforts put into the show to make it enjoyable for the kids is tremendous.
Also I've seen my child grow from a shy , not so confident kid to being a very happy, confident kid with very good self-esteem who loves to dance. Sharise has been so amazing in enabling the overall growth of my child through her love for dance. She has let my child blossom into a confident dancer and discover her passion for this art form along with teaching her kindness, teamwork, discipline and hard-work. My daughter practices EVERY single day diligently without any of us having to remind her to do so.
Sharise has done magic with my child. I would highly recommend Studio Sharise for not only learning dance but also for the overall development of a child. Its an environment built for success and fun!"  - S. Shankar

 ..."I am so happy with the work she (Miss Cinda)  is doing with D'Ajani. He was attending another school in the recent past for piano and he didn't learn very much. In the past 2 weeks his piano practice at home is showing improvement. He is now paying attention to his rhythm and timing. Last night while I was making dinner his playing was so nice I asked him to replay the song because I enjoyed hearing him play so much. It was really beautiful. So a thank you to Miss Cinda...".  - Kathleen M.

"Thanks for everything! Shreedhari loves your dance class and absolutely enjoys it. She so looks forward to it every week . Your classes are definitely igniting the passion of dance in her!! I think it has also helped her in blossoming as an individual. She is getting lots of compliments about her newfound confidence smiley and I think a big part of it goes towards her dance. So thanks for being such an encouraging teacher to her. Studio Sharise has definitely been such gift for my child and for our family.smiley"
- Sangeetha S.

"Sharise, her studio, and her staff are nothing short of amazing. She is dedicated to the kids, attends to each child's needs--as individuals, and totally supports the kids as they're learning. From the warm up exercises to the scenes she suggests, I've been so impressed with how she is able to inspire the kids to stretch and also grow their skills. My 12 year-old son volunteered to go up on stage to help his 10 year-old sister with a scene when she was performing in a show, and he wasn't even signed up, though he asked to right afterward. No small feat. Both kids are now attending, and they always look forward to their classes. As someone else stated, this place is a hidden gem!" - Deb S.

"I was very impressed with Mrs. Sharise and her staff. Mrs. Sharise is passionate, dedicated, and just absolutely amazing with the kids. Your child is not treated like just another student, she really has the patience and skills to make the kids shine. Her attention to detail is outstanding, and my daughters just love going to her class. This is a small family owned business, and they just make you feel so welcome, that you want to just keep signing your kids back up every session." - Cecilia A.

"My son just had his 5 yr old bday party here. Such a fun & memorable alternative to your standard kid party. Each kid was greeted by the staff, and upon entering, they were encouraged to join the dancing & superhero dramas Sharise had for them. Tailored for the groups' ages (2-5). Had all of the party supplies set up for cake & presents. They did everything. Definitely recommend doing a party here. I even got a workout with the kids!" - Heather Jackson

"Studio Sharise is awesome! Sharise is encouraging, gentle, kind and patient with our daughter. Sharise keeps the classes fun and creative for the kids and knows how to keep them interested. We definitely recommend her classes for any children interested in dancing at any level." - Amorrina Paeste

"Again, I really appreciate all that you are teaching me in jazz class!!! I'm truly learning techniques that I can actually understand as well. It's tough knowing that after 3 lessons, it's over :( Sometimes my local community theater will ask me to choreograph shows and lately it's been a bother to do that because I felt I've lost touch with choreographing. I think it's because I've lost touch with dancing for myself. I've forgotten the joys of movement and dance. But learning dance, even from basic movements and names, I'm learning to love dance all over again. This is a big step because I'm enjoying dance, but hopefully I'll be back enjoying choreographing shows too! I want to do that again and love it! So, I know you have a busy schedule, but would it be possible to continue taking private jazz dance lessons from you? I'm not worried about any conflicts for myself." - Mizie I.