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Our Young Burbank Players 101 Class begins with the basics to build confidence and the foundations in acting.  Students will gain an understanding of voice, movement, improvisation and ensemble work. These are the building blocks to becoming a great actor.


As students progress, they have the opportunity to enroll in various workshops to hone their acting skills.  Workshops in musical theatre, scene and monologue study, auditioning, and playwriting are just some of the workshops we offer to students wanting to gain more intensive training and grow beyond the basics.  Evaluations and examinations are also offered to the serious drama student looking towards a professional career or a higher education in theatre.


Actors in our 101 class perform fun skits and scenes in low-pressure class presentations. Those students wanting more onstage opportunities, have the opportunity to audition and perform in our Mainstage productions.


 In our upper level drama program, Young Burbank Players:

  • Learn techniques of acting for auditions and on stage.
  • Learn how to break down a role and research character, motivation, objectives, and tactics
  • Gain knowledge of various acting methods (building their toolbox) and how to use these methods in performance
  • Learn how to use their bodies, voices and experiences to bring a character from the page to the stage
  • Learn basic vocal techniques for speaking and singing
  • Learn basic music theory
  • Receive an overview of technical theatre concepts such as  lighting, stagecraft, costume design and choreography
  • Learn about scene writing, directing and casting- learning what it's like to sit on "the other side of the table"
  • Create original works and gain a deeper understanding of how to develop character and story. 
  • Learn how to overcome obstacles and work as a team.
  • Perform in low-pressure informal class presentations.
  • Have an opportunity to perform in our main stage productions through our Young Performers Program
  • Have the opportunity to participate in our graded examinations and assessments, 
  • HAVE FUN, make friends, build self-esteem, creativity & leadership skills

As drama is a performing art, it is essential for all actors in our upper level to participate in our productions. Participation offers artistic, technical and emotional growth opportunities, both individually and as a team. 


Burbank Players (BP) Acting Class (18+)

We run adult acting classes on demand. Classes run in 8 week sessions.
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Those who wish to pursue musical theatre training
(either as a profession or for sheer enjoyment)
will love our
Triple Threat Training Program,

Those students who have gained basic acting skills
and are ready to explore their next level in training, check out our workshops