What's New in the New Year-January, 2018 | Studio Sharise

What's New in the New Year-January, 2018


Happy 2018! We hope you had a wonderful holiday - filled with joy!  We're looking forward to a fantastic new year. A fantastic and busy one!  Before I tell you what we have planned, a big shout to our drama students who put on their end of semester shows in December. Bravo to our Little Burbank Players and Young Burbank Players!!!


REHEARSALS: January marks the exciting time when our students begin learning their lines, dances, songs and music pieces for our June Celebration Performance. This year our theme is "Fractured Fairy Tales" and the play being performed by our acting students is called, "Little Red in the Hood".  It's Red Riding Hood like you've never seen her, complete with a mobster 'Godmother' as dear ol' grandma and a wolf from the film, Matrix. Its' bound to be full of fun and laughter!

7 DAYS TO MORE PLAY ON US!:  Throughout the month of January, we are offering 1 weeks worth of classes - completely complimentary - to bring more play into the New Year. This a great time to try something new and different!  Come on down and bring a friend!  Our complimentary 7 Day Pass to Play is good only through January. Don't miss the fun! Class sizes are limited, so book your spot now.  You can call us or book your complimentary week of play right here.


IT'S  ALIVE!: We were busy over break designing and implementing a new automated 'chatbot' on Facebook! This has been a lot of fun as it's kind of like building your own story!  You can now ask questions, get information, and request a human follow up :) right on Facebook messenger!  You can check it out here!  Once you click 'Get Started' you can receive our FREE pdf of our report on why the arts are crucial to childhood development! You'll see plenty of scientific research that backs up just how important the arts are to a child's success!

NEW YEAR, NEW WEBSITEI tend to get a wee bit bored, plus it was time to update our look to match our personality! We finally finished our new website design with lots of new pictures, new videos, and it's much easier to navigate. Check it out here! 

Well, I hope you have a wonderful 2018 - in fact, I wish you the best year yet!

Miss Sharise
Studio Sharise Creative & Performing Arts Academy