Tumbling Stars (ages 3-7)


A Great Class to Support your Child's Growth and Dance Training! For Boys and Girls!


In our fun Tumbling Stars class, your son or daughter will grow in their confidence as they improve their coordination and loco-motor skills - all while being introduced to basic tumbling skills such as climbing, rolling, hand support skills, and balancing.

Children will have fun skipping, crawling, balancing, leaping and jumping in a positive fun, energetic learning environment. They will gain strength and flexibility through our Tumbling Stars conditioning training and have fun with obstacle courses, free movement, and story time!



Dress Code:

  • Tumbling Stars (3-7):
    Girls: Any color leotard and
    transition tights or barefoot, sport shorts without zippers, buttons or snaps may be worn over leotard
    Boys: Any Colored shorts without zippers, buttons or snaps and t-shirt, barefoot
    Please securely tie up Long hair
    Recommended: water bottle or money to purchase (or SS Cash Card)





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Dance Classes

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* NOTE:  If you start the Season late, please still sign up for the full 10 month subscription - we will credit your account back months you missed (or paid in person).  Also for the family discount please either let us know in the office or email us and we'll apply the discount as a credit.