Teaching / Internship Opportunities


Interested in teaching for us?  We are always on the look-out for passionate, energetic, and experienced teachers to join our rock star faculty.  If you are interested in teaching, please email us your resume detailing your experience. We'd also love to hear from you, in at least 250 words, why you'd like to join our inspiring team of teachers.  We look forward to hearing from you!  408.703.5488


 Stage Door Internship Opportunities


High School Internships

STAGE DOOR is an internship program designed for students in 9th-12th grade. This program is ideal for the teen looking to have fun in a theater environment while taking on roles of responsibility.

We are looking for candidates who see themselves as a leader, who work well with children (4-12 yrs of age), has experience and skill in musical theater, and feels that they can assist and hone their skills in areas such as: directing, choreography, singing, instruction, costuming, stage management and marketing and publicity.

We expect that the candidate will work for the duration of their chosen session . They will also be expected to attend weekly meetings and any necessary training. Space in this program is limited and we do not guarantee a position to everyone who applies.

There are two parts to the application process, once an application is submitted an interview will be scheduled. The application MUST be filled out by the applicant themselves but must include a parent signature.


College Internships

We also offer internships for college students! Our college internship program would be excellent for someone experienced working with kids as well as performing and teaching.

The Intern will work side-by-side with the Artistic Director, in all aspects of the productions, including coaching the students, assisting with choreography, scene building and other related necessities. The intern will also assist the Administrative Director with community outreach, fundraising and other camp responsibilities. Internships may lead to a permanent position at Studio Sharise. Start the process by filling out our application.


Our Teacher's Assistant Program (TAP)

For students ages 13+ interested in how to become an effective Teacher's Assistant at Studio Sharise. Training is held year long. Fill out the Intern application to get started and we will contact you to schedule an interview