SSFit Training For Peak Performance


Total Body Training For Peak Performance

Dance is not only an art form, but a sport; dancers are not just artists, but athletes. Building endurance, muscular strength and balance, and increasing your flexibility for better range of motion, is necessary for performance excellence, injury prevention and a dancer's longevity.   With Studio Sharise Fit classes, you will improve your body's ability to handle the demands that dance brings, improve your performance while improving your health, and your body.


SSFiit Classes are included in dance packages and parents of currently enrolled students receive 50% off of SSFIT Classes


Classes are open for dancers and non-dancers ages 10 +
(Exercises are modified depending on age and fitness level)


Why SSFit?

  • Our classes are designed  to be a total fitness program  for both the performer and non-performer.
  • Unlike gym classes, where you are packed in like sardines, our class size is limited and your name is known.
  • You'll  get one-on-one attention in every class,ensuring you get a safe and effective work-out.
  • You'll be pushed to your personal maximum and feel encouraged in every class.
  • Sharise makes sure every class is designed to be effective and enjoyable


"Thanks Sharise! you make the class fun and kill me at the same time!!!" -SS Fit BootCamp Survivor


 TBT  BootCamp

 In this non-stop class, You'll  burn calories, build stamina, cardiovascular and muscular endurance & strength, coordination,agility and speed 


Stretch for Performance

  Improve your extension, strengthen your body for better performance in dance or life.



What to Wear
To make your class as enjoyable as possible.

  • BootCamp
    Everyone: Any fitness or yoga attire, Clean aerobics sneakers ( no shoes worn outside please)
    Recommended: small towel, water bottle or money to purchase (or SS Card), yoga mat


  • Stretch for Performance
    Everyone: Any fitness or yoga attire, barefoot or yoga non-slip socks
    Recommended: small towel, water bottle or money to purchase (or SS Card), yoga mat, yoga blocks and straps if necessary





SS Fit, Drop In

SSFit - Stretch And Strengthen