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SSFIT Fitness Classes

"Thanks Sharise! you make the class fun and kill me at the same time!!!" -SSFit Student


Dance is not only an art form, but a sport; and dancers are not just artists, but athletes. Building endurance, muscular strength and balance, and increasing your flexibility for better range of motion, is necessary for performance excellence, injury prevention and a dancer's longevity.   With Studio Sharise Fit classes, you will improve your body's ability to handle the demands that dance brings, improve your performance while improving your health, and your body.  


TBT BootCamp

In this non-stop class, you'll  get a total body work-out, burn calories, lose fat and build team camaraderie. You will follow a circuit made up of 30 second to 1 min drills that will help you build endurance, strength, coordination, speed and agility.

Stretch for Performance

Flexibility is an important component to every exercise routine for improved health, longevity and injury prevention. Relax, unwind, and release those aching, tired and stiff muscles and improve your performance in dance or just everyday life. Class utilizes dynamic, static and resistance stretching for greater flexibility. Based on dance, Yoga, Pilates, and sports stretching.

SSFiit Classes can be included in class passes


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