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At the age of 30, Miss Sharise was diagnosed with a debilitating, degenerative disease. But instead of giving in, she refused to let it stop her. She learned how to rehabilitate and rebuild her health and body for dance – and more importantly for life. Through her struggle and journey to wellness, she became certified in fitness training and became passionate about health and nutrition. She also developed a deep desire to help others maintain or regain their health and well being.

Now, holding three certifications in fitness and a Level 2 certification in Progressing Ballet Technique, Miss Sharise understands how exercise and nutrition are necessary to health and wellness, as well as confidence and self-esteem.

SSFit was first designed with dancers in mind to help dancers handle the physical demands that dance brings. Now Studio Sharise has opened up our dance conditioning program to help the non-dancer improve their health and meet their fitness goals.



Peak Performance Training

Dancers are not just artists, but also athletes. With Peak Performance Training, dancers will improve their body’s ability to handle the demands that dance brings. Building endurance, muscular strength, balance, and increasing flexibility is necessary for performance excellence, injury prevention and a dancer’s longevity.

PPT utilizes the best conditioning techniques to enhance your dance training!  Students gain muscular strength, endurance, and muscle memory needed to dance safely, with awareness, and with excellence!

In this non-stop class, you’ll  get a total body work-out, burn calories, lose fat, build muscle and build team camaraderie. You will follow a circuit made up of  drills that will help you build endurance, strength, coordination, and agility.



Stretch for Performance

Flexibility is an important component to every effective exercise routine and is a necessity for a dancer. But training for flexibility must be done safely so that no damage is done. Our Stretch for Performance Class utilizes dynamic and active stretching for greater and safer training. Stretching properly improves your health, longevity and helps to prevent injury. Stretches are based on dance, yoga and sports stretching.