Mission Statement

Valid from 1/2/18-1/31/18

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So, Why Studio Sharise?

Our Students Feel Amazing and Successful! 

Studio Sharise is where students of all ages, shapes, and sizes can learn to excel in the arts while feeling successful and empowered.   We want our students to explore their creativity, their individuality, and their ability to lead, and contribute to, those around them.  We strive to nurture and develop talent and acknowledge and celebrate the achievements of all students.  We want our students to discover just how amazing they are and how amazing they can be!


We're Serious About the Art Without the Serious Attitude!

We are devoted to providing our students with the best in arts training while also providing an atmosphere of warmth and caring!   While we focus on developing personal excellence, discipline, commitment, and dedication from our students, our school is filled with laughter, encouragement, and yes, even a bit of silliness.  Our goal is to create a positive, nurturing, and happy learning experience for all our students (which in turn inspires them to want to learn more)!


We Are Committed to Their Growth!

We are committed to providing a safe environment where every student can grow in their confidence while growing in their skills. Our students grow because they feel comfortable making mistakes and asking questions. They gain confidence as they learn to fall down and get back up  again . They become leaders when they learn how to help others get back up, too.

We Care!

Along with being teachers, we are mentors and we care that what we say and do not only affects a students' learning, but their hearts and minds as well,-- and we firmly believe we can teach the student without harming the spirit!

... Also I've seen my child grow from a shy , not so confident kid to being a very happy, confident kid with very good self-esteem who loves to dance. Sharise has been so amazing in enabling the overall growth of my child through her love for dance. She has let my child blossom into a confident dancer and discover her passion for this art form along with teaching her kindness, teamwork, discipline and hard-work. My daughter practices EVERY single day diligently without any of us having to remind her to do so...   (Read More)


How Do We Do It?


 Small Class Sizes + One-on-One Attention = Student Success!

We keep class sizes limited which ensures students receive one-on-one attention in every class.  This is the difference between general corrections given in large classes, and at Studio Sharise, individual corrections and acknowledgements given to each student in every class! We make sure each and every child feels loved, accepted, and successful in every class!