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The Performance Awards Program (ages 5+)

Every student deserves and enjoys recognition for their hard work - and we know that ballet is hard work. At Studio Sharise, we call ballet the "boot camp of dance" as ballet students are not just artists, but also athletes.  So to celebrate their hard work and achievements, the serious ballet student is encouraged to embrace the opportunity to be part of our Performance Awards Program (PAP).  This is a program where students are evaluated and publicly recognized with awards and certificates of achievements for their accomplishments.

This class will focus on IDA’s curriculum and technique. International Dance Acclaim (IDA) is a performance based ballet curriculum. It is NOT a competition, but an adjudicated performance opportunity creating a positive experience for every student. Every participating student learns and performs choreographed exercises as well as a solo dance or variation in front of an audience of family and friends.  An adjudicator will evaluate each child - on their own personal best - the choreography performed.  After, every child is awarded and celebrated for their achievements.  All students receive a medal and certificate celebrating their performance.

The Performance Awards Program is part of our Dance Elite intensive dance program geared towards students who are ready to make achieving their personal best a priority.  Being a member of our Dance Elite intensive dance program is a privilege and honor.

Along with their PAP choreography class, dancers (ages 5-7) are required to take their skills class and their PBT conditioning class.  Jr students (ages 7-9) are required to take their skills class, PBT conditioning and Power Pointe class is encouraged (8+). Dancers in our graded levels (Ballet 1+) are required to take their skills class along with PBT conditioning and Power Pointe class.

Eligible ballet students (ages 5+) with a minimum of two years of experience (and/or upon approval) are encouraged to participate. The program develops over 12 levels - beginning with the pre-ballet student through the pre-professional.  Every year a student participates, they receive a stronger sense of their own strength and advancement in their ballet technique and artistic performance.  Students make exceptional progress in their training and are given the challenge to excel and achieve their personal best.  Each year a student participates in the Performance Awards Program allows them to build a stunning portfolio of achievement.

Being acknowledged for their hard work is so important to a student's progress and helps maintain their enthusiasm for their training. By participating in the Performance Awards Program, students gain a sense of pride and a determination. Students gain a better understanding of commitment through learning, experience the spirit of teamwork, and discover what they can accomplish through hard work.

Being publicly recognized and awarded with medals and certificates does wonders for their confidence and self-esteem. What can be more exciting for a young dancer than to dance publicly and then be celebrated for their achievements before family and friends?


The Performance Awards Program:

Is an adjudication and celebration NOT a competition

Is for students enrolled in our Intensive Dance Program

Is an enjoyable and rewarding experience for parents and students

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