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Onstage Opportunites at Studio Sharise

We have opportunities, throughout the year,  where students can take their training from the the classroom onto the stage!  Students enrolled in our in our graded and upper level classes are expected to participate in SS productions as participation offers artistic, technical and emotional growth opportunities, both individually and as a team.  .

Get the Most out of Our Onstage Opportunities

The students who tend to have the most fun and get the most out of our onstage programs are those that thrive in a group/team setting. The performing arts is not a solo activity, and like sports, every member of the team is important! Student follow through and adherence to our attendance policy is absolutely necessary.   Not only are we a team, we, at Studio Sharise, are a family and every member of that family has a responsibility that they are relied on to complete.

In our onstage programs there is a great deal of memorization of song lyrics, scenes/scripts, and dances. Students should be confident readers and/or have committed help at home to memorize lines/songs. Students must be able to take directions and be excellent listeners. Programs move quickly and there is an expectation that, week to week,  they will have gone over their material and will be prepared to work at the next rehearsal. This means they will require some help at home with their lines and lyrics, and spend time daily for practice. The better prepared they are for each rehearsal, the more parts/lines/songs we can give them, the more fun students will have, and the better they will serve themselves, each other, and the show. All performing students must attend auditions (when applicable), mandatory cast rehearsals, and shows.

For more information on our Onstage Opportunities, contact us at 408.703.5488 or at ss@studiosharise.com (link sends e-mail)