Mission Statement


At Studio Sharise, our mission is to make the Creative & Performing Arts relevant vehicles for students to build confidence, discipline, hone presentation and leadership skills, while discovering and growing their unique talents that will help them perform well in life and on the stage!



Why Studio Sharise Creative & Performing Arts Center?

Why Studio Sharise Creative & Performing Arts Center? Students receive quality, top-notch training and are allowed the exploration of their individual, creative expression.  We believe that process is just as important as product and students are encouraged to learn, create, ask questions, make mistakes and feel successful, regardless of experience or level!


We support and nurture the love and joy the creative and performing arts can bring!  Through the use of our holistic, mind-body training, students are encouraged to develop their individual, artistic expression while gaining technical mastery. We provide quality education and are committed to inspire, train and develop students of all ages and levels. Though personal excellence and commitment is expected, at Studio Sharise, you won't find any knuckle smacking, only support in discovering and growing your artist within. 

We also know that it is not just about developing the artist, it's about helping develop the individual person.  At Studio Sharise, we understand the responsibility of any teacher is to not only mold bodies, but to mold minds and hearts - and we take that responsibility very seriously.  Whether it's through our "Incredible You" weeks, during classes, or goal setting times, we want our students to learn to value themselves and each other, to see how unique and beautiful they are, and to help them build the confidence that they need to succeed in their art, and most importantly, their lives. 

Class sizes are limited ensuring students receive one-on-one attention in every class.  This is the difference between general corrections given in large classes and at Studio Sharise, individual corrections given to each student in every class!  And with so many classes and opportunities to choose from at Studio Sharise Creative & Performing Arts Center, you are certain to gain a full, rich experience and education in the arts.  Experience our vibrant arts community devoted to professionalism and excellence in all that we do.  

Safety is our priority and all staff/ teachers go through background checks with the Department of Justice to assure that Studio Sharise is a safe environment for all!


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