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Examination and Assessment Opportunities (ages 6+)

Achieving Your Personal Best

At Studio Sharise Creative & Performing Arts Academy, we know our students want to excel! And we love seeing our students achieve their personal best! 

By not only providing the highest standard in programs and training (meeting both national and international standards), we also provide the serious student the opportunity and challenge of participating in examinations and assessments through accredited examining boards. Through examinations, students receive recognition for their hard work and gain confidence and pride in not only what they've studied, but also in all that they can achieve!



Examinations and the examination process encourages each and every student to work harder so they may achieve their best personal potential and through proper training help them to maintain that potential throughout their training years.

Examinations allow students to enjoy quality technical training, supporting good competitive values along with enhancing stronger performance abilities.

Examinations are a “goal” setter.  They are a memorable experience and present an opportunity for students to be critiqued and evaluated by professional industry master examiners on a regular basis.

Examinations offer certification and successful candidates receive graded certificates.  High achievers also receive a special “Medal Of Merit Award”.

Examinations and training will help students to build stronger character, integrity and lasting moral values for their future.

Examinations build a student's portfolio.  For students applying for work or college, many potential employers and universities see Graded Performance Exams in a very positive way.  Recognized qualifications demonstrate an ability to dedicate commitment to extra-curricular activities, providing evidence of versatility - which gives students a competitive advantage if pursuing a higher education or entering the workforce.

Examinations/Assessments are part of our Dance Elite intensive dance program  and our Youth Theatre Company Program and are geared towards students who are ready to make achieving their personal best a priority.

Eligible students (ages 6+) with a minimum of two years of experience (and/or upon approval) are encouraged to participate






Musical Theatre


Our Ballet students have the opportunity to achieve recognition through our IDA Ballet Performance Awards Program.

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