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Digital Music Production


Interested in broadening your understanding of music while learning the tools and techniques of music production?

In this 8 week course, students will be introduced to the art of digital music production through the Digital Audio Workspace, Logic Pro. The course objective is to expose students to the modern methods of music production, and better equip aspiring musicians with the creative tools of today’s industry..

In this course students will

  • Develop an understanding of Music Theory

  • Learn to apply universal tools of music production through the use of Logic Pro- the industry standard in music Production

  • Create unique sounds from scratch through sample editing..

  • Compose live analog and digital mixes

By the end of the course students can expect to be:

  • Comfortable utilizing the basic functions of any industry standard Digital Audio Workspace

  • Qualified in the thoughtful creation and manipulation of sounds while learning to efficiently navigate the basic parameters of synthesizers and samplers

  • Proficient in the editing of recorded and sampled audio

  • Learned in the foundations of Music Theory

  • Capable of analyzing and dictating music of all styles and genres

Supplies needed: Students should have access to Logic Pro and be comfortable reading music. Students will be required to bring a laptop containing a DAW (Digital Audio Workspace). Logic Pro is strongly preferable and is the most affordable industry standard ($200), and is only available for Mac computers.  If students have laptops of a different brand, or would rather not invest $200 in Logic Pro, we can surely compromise with another compatible DAW. Please call for recommendations