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In our Studio Sharise Dance Department, our goal is to train, inspire and encourage students of all ages to discover and grow their passion for dance - whether as an aspiring professional dancer, a teacher, choreographer or just for the fun of it. Dance is also an enjoyable way to add fun & fitness into your life, and the skills learned in  class such as creativity, leadership, discipline and working together as a team, will build confidence and will last a lifetime!

We have classes for all ages and are fun for both Girls and Boys!


All students, no matter their goals, are treated equally and given the same quality of class training!


Technique Classes are progressive and are designed to be taken for a full school year.

In our our technique classes, students learn skills in dance forms, dance concepts, and are encouraged to express their individual creativity and expression through improvisation and student choreography.
All classes are designed to develop the dancer with ability appropriate work. Every class covers fundamental technique, musicality, strength and overall artistic expression. All dancers will get opportunity to shine under the stage lights in our end of year Celebration Performance. Dancers also enrolled in our Young Performers Programs will perform in our season's stage productions and concerts.

Pre-School Program (ages 1-5)

We have a commitment to age-appropriate dance education. Our pre-school program is designed for children ages 1-5 years of age with an emphasis on learning the foundation of dance skills while also having fun! All classes are either 45-60 minutes in length and include a variety of music and movement that children can easily relate to. The world of dance is explored with gentle discipline in a positive, encouraging classroom environment. Our programs develop the creativity and self-expression in the very young dancer!


Because dance is a team effort and we "learn by doing",
attendance and participation is very important.


Preschool Program



Youth Combo Classes

Combo classes are designed for the recreational dance student who wants to try a variety of dance styles. They are a great opportunity for students who want to explore dance fun!  As students gain more experience and advancement, it's to their advantage to move into our intensive classes.



Technique Classes (Ages 5 - Adult)
Technique classes are progressive and are designed to be taken for a full school year.

Our Intensive Classes:
In Intensive classes, age is a guideline and it is not uncommon for a more advanced student to be moved up a level.

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For Greater Development:




Dance for All Ages:  Schedule TBD-  Please call if interested







What to Wear for Dance Classes/ Rehearsals