Dance Classes


In our Studio Sharise Dance Department, our goal is to ignite the passion for dance! For the serious student, our technique classes will train, inspire, and encourage students to master their dance skills and excel in their performance skills - whether as an aspiring professional dancer, a teacher, or choreographer.

Our combo classes are great options for students who want to dance just for the fun of it!.








The skills learned in all our classes such as creativity, leadership, discipline and working together as a team, will build confidence in students that will last a lifetime!   All dancers will have the opportunity to shine under the stage lights in our end of year Celebration Performance.  Dancers also enrolled in our Young Performers Programs will perform in our season's stage productions and concerts.






Pre-School Program (Ages 1-5/6)

We have a commitment to age-appropriate dance education. Our pre-school program is designed for children ages 1-5 years of age with an emphasis on learning the foundation of dance skills while also having fun! All classes are either 45-60 minutes in length and include a variety of music and movement that children can easily relate to. The world of dance is explored with gentle discipline in a positive, encouraging classroom environment. Our programs develop the creativity and self-expression in the very young dancer!  Preschool  students have the opportunity to perform in our end of year Celebration Performance


Preschool Classes



Youth Combo Classes (Ages 6-8/9)

Combo classes are designed for the recreational dance student who wants to try a variety of dance styles. They are a great opportunity for students who want to explore dance fun!  As students gain more experience and advancement, it's to their advantage to move into our technique classes.



Technique Classes (Ages 5 - Adult)
Please see below for more details on our technique classes and on how we place students in the appropriate level


Technique Classes

Because dance is a team effort and we "learn by doing",
and participation is very important. 

Classes are progressive and are designed to be taken year-long.


In our our technique classes, students learn skills in dance forms, dance concepts, and are encouraged to express their individual creativity and expression through improvisation and student choreography.
All classes are designed to develop the dancer with ability appropriate work. Every class covers technique, musicality, strength and overall artistic expression.


Class Placement

Please trust our judgment with regard to your class placement. There are many factors we look for to place a dancer in the correct class, that you may not see by just watching.  We understand that you see different classes you might want to be in, whether it be because of carpooling, time preference, back to back classes, friends, and/or the dancer's parent's perception of where they should be. However, if we feel that a dancer should stay in a particular class, we will not move them. We realize this could cause drop outs or switching schools, but we would accept that rather than compromise their training at Studio Sharise.  Poor technique and training leads to future injuries and physical problems, not to mention hard to break poor technique habits.  All questions and concerns should be directed to us either by phone or by their email, we are  happy to answer any questions or concerns.

This can be a major issue among many students and parents, but, the title of your class should be the least of your concerns. Studetn Success and placing dancers in classes with fellow dancers of similar abilities is what we focus on.

A dancer will go through a series of levels basically titled beginner, intermediate, and advanced. In simple terms, each dancer must achieve certain movements in the beginner title before moving on to the intermediate title and so on. These titles refer to Studio Sharise dancers only, which is why you could be an advanced dancer somewhere else and come here and be placed in a beginner level or vice versa. Every year dancers can progress differently resulting in dancers taking classes with different people than they were used to. This doesn't mean anyone is a bad dancer. We never move dancers back, we move them into classes with similar ability so that they will move ahead together with confidence and success.

Our Director and Teachers have spent a great deal of time placing their students with fellow dancers who have similar dancing ability. During the month of September (review month) we take another look to ensure that no mistakes were made. By mid-October, we will make all necessary placement changes. Again, no placement changes will be made for any reason prior to mid-October. Please remember this is a class, not a private lesson, where dancers have similar ability, but not identical.

We truly believe an open line of communication between the faculty and parents is essential to each student's success. If you would like to discuss your child's placement and future dance goals, please feel free to contact our office to set up an appointment. We're more than happy to sit down and discuss where you're at and where you want to be.
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Dance for All Ages:  Schedule TBD-  Please call if interested