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Creating Awesome Actors!

In our upper level drama classes, we utilize acting exercises, games, improvisation, sketches, scenes, and monologues that are not only fun and challenging, but teach vital acting skills needed to be an awesome actor!  Skills that are practical and doable. Students feel successful as they grow in their technique, as well as their confidence, creativity and self-expression.


At Studio Sharise, students learn a variety of acting techniques such as the Method, Uta Hagen, Stanislavski, Laban, etc. as we do not believe there is any ONE "perfect" method.  All methods are tools to be used as needed -  sometimes you need a screwdriver, and for some jobs, a hammer. Students learning a variety of acting methods have more tools at their disposal and are able to react with spontaneity and confidence.


Along with building acting skills, students will build leadership skills and public speaking/presentation skills - which are not only great for the camera and stage, but for school, work, college and job interviews. 

Students will understand the need for collaboration, teamwork and responsibility, as creating great theatre is give and take and dependent on actors working together, trusting each other, and coming through for one another as a team. 

Students will also have fun exploring the different aspects that make the "magic" happen as the try their hand at playwriting, directing, scenery designing, costuming and make up design!



Age is only a guideline in classes, as it is not uncommon for students of varying ages to work together or for a student to advance early into the next level. Ability and readiness, not age, is the determining factor when advancing.

Because theatre is a team effort and we "learn by doing", attendance, punctuality, and active participation in classes is very important. Students must be able to rely on each other to be in class and/or rehearsals and to come prepared. Classes are progressive and are designed to be taken year-long


As acting is a performing art, it is essential for all actors in our upper level drama program to participate in our annual productions. Participation offers artistic, technical and emotional growth opportunities, both individually and as a team.  Students enrolled in our professional Theatre Program are also expected to participate in our Special Skills workshops.



In the Spring, we offer the opportunity for parents, actors, and teachers to come together to discuss the current progression of their student and to set goals for the future.  This is the time during which we will give the student an evaluation that assesses classroom conduct, technique, as well as artistry and performance.  This is helpful to both the student and parents, as it provides an understanding from which continued progression can be achieved. .

An interview and/or placement class is necessary In order to enroll into our upper level classes

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