Why the Arts? Why Holistic Training? | Studio Sharise


Benefits of Holistic Training at Studio Sharise

All classes are taught using a holistic approach and a "Learn by Doing" curriculum which encourages full, active participation in the discovery, developmental and performance phases of work. 

Students don't just learn through physical mimicry, but instead through a mind-body approach- applying their discoveries, concepts, and techniques learned to self directed activities such as improvisation, teacher-student directed choreography, scene writing, music composition and art composition.

This process allows students to gain a deeper understanding of skills and concepts learned and makes for a fully integrated artist - one with technical proficiency AND artistry.

  • Classes  develop self-discipline and focus, balanced with positive social interaction with peers and teachers
  • Classes place an emphasis on anatomically correct alignment and placement-allowing for freedom of movement and body control
  • Students have opportunity to explore concepts, develop technique, and create improvisations, studies, and choreography in small groups, large groups, and as an individual
  • Curriculum teaches the compositional skills and principles needed to create meaningful dance choreography, scene writing, and music and art composition
  • Curriculum allows students to achieve technical mastery and artistic expression
  • Creates an environment that challenges students to use their problem-solving and critical thinking abilities while rejoicing in their creative spirit
  • Creates an atmosphere where a dancer can be truly inspired to not just use their body to move, but to embody the movement
  • Students challenge themselves and others
  • Students feel a sense of pride and accomplishment in their learning