Ballerina Princess (ages 3-5/6)


A Magical Dance Class for Your Little Princess

Our specialized  preschool ballet class will have your little princess enjoying the magic, beauty and wonder of ballet. Your little ballerina will love exploring new imaginary dance adventures throughout the year complete with themed music, thematic imagery and matching props!

Each class begins by warming up our muscles and reviewing our ballet foot & arm positions during circle warm-up. We practice our Ballerina Princess Dance Moves (and review fancy French names) like relevé, plié, and jeté. We travel to magical lands and pretend to be beautiful flowers, fairies, birds, butterflies and even lions!

We practice our Ballerina Princess dance that they can't wait to perform for you in class during parent share day.
Each class en
ds with your child getting a sticker to reward and celebrate her progress and success!

Every class is designed to allow for fun and creative expression in all children while learning the very basic foundation of dance movement. Our preschool classes help build coordination, confidence and prepare students for the classroom environment.  Different, fun themes are introduced throughout the year to keep children excited and eager to move! Children are taught in a loving, encouraging environment filled with laughter & tons of FUN!

What's included:

  • New, magical themes introduced throughout the year to keep tiny dancers engaged and excited!
  • A coloring page to match each theme
  • A personal sticker chart to track and celebrate each new term and skill learned.
  • Students perform in informal parent share days.
  • At the end of every theme, each child receives her very own Certificate of Achievement to celebrate her effort and dedication.
  • Each certificate reflects the theme so many children enjoy collecting them throughout the year!


Performance opportunity!  Plus: Students have the opportunity to perform in our June Celebration Performance!


Dress Code:

  • Ballerina Princess (3-5):
    Any color leotard and Pink transition tights. No Bare legs
    Pink Ballet shoes
    Please securely tie up Long hair

    Recommended: water bottle or money/ to purchase, dance shrug and leg warmers during winter months


Non-Refundable Annual Registration

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Dance Classes

The entire Season (10 months), billed monthly - separate yearly registration is required see above.

Dance Class - select number per student

* NOTE:  If you start the Season late, please still sign up for the full 10 month subscription - we will credit your account back months you missed (or paid in person).  Also for the family discount please either let us know in the office or email us and we'll apply the discount as a credit.