Advertise or Send a Special Message to your Star Performer

Better than Flowers


If you'd like create a keepsake and send a special dedication to your star performer or place an advertisement for your business in our program, give us a call or  e-mail us with the size of placement you would like.

  (Hint: Don't wish an actor  "Good luck" or tell a dancer to "Break a Leg")

Deadline for our Christmas Production, "Christmas Togetherness" is November 19th.   Unfortunately, there is no exception to this deadline as we have to get programs to the printers to be ready for showtime.


1/4 page (small) = $9 (1 picture Max)

1/2 page (medium) = $15 (2 pictures Max)

Full page (large) = $ 27 (4 pictures Max)


Program size for this year is 8.5” H x 5.5” W


 Send Graphics and text to us by e-mail:    Graphics in PDF or AI  are preferable for best quality. Image files (such as jpg,png,gif, etc.) are accepted, but may not produce the best quality.


 Scroll down to pay online or pay by cash,cc or check in the office


Winter Memory Pages, December 2016
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