Dance Classes | Studio Sharise

Valid from 1/2/18-1/31/18

Class sizes are limited so reserve your 7 days today and start the New Year with More Play!


About SS Dance Classes


In our Studio Sharise Dance Department, our goal is to ignite the passion for dance! Our classes will train, inspire, and encourage students to master their dance skills, excel in their performance skills while growing their love for dance - whether as an aspiring professional dancer,  teacher,  choreographer, or future dance appreciator.

The skills learned in all our classes such as creativity, leadership, discipline and working together as a team, will build confidence in students that will last a lifetime!   All dancers will have the opportunity to shine under the stage lights in our end of year Celebration Performance.  Dancers also enrolled in our Young Performers Program will perform in our season's stage productions and concerts.


In early years and recreational dance classes, we use a student's age/grade level as a guideline, though it is not uncommon for a child to advance early into a higher level.  In our technique training, student advancement is based on ability and readiness, not by age.  


Because dance is a team effort and we "learn by doing", attendance, punctuality, and active participation in classes is very important. Students must be able to rely on each other to be in class and/or rehearsals and to come prepared. Classes are progressive and are designed to be taken year-long