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Vocal Training Tracks for the Aspiring Singer


At Studio Sharise Creative & Performing Arts Academy, we provide many options for the voice student.  We offer training for the first time and/ or recreational singer as well as training for those aspiring to  sing professionally.  Once  a student masters the basics in vocal training, if they so desire, they can move into our pre-professional tracks below.  private vocal training begins at age 5.

Pre-Professional Tracks - Take your Singing to the Next Level!


 Musical Theatre/Live Stage Primary Soloist

Now you've got the tools, so let's put them to work for singing BIG. While every form of singing places emphasis on breath control, this track focuses on using that breath to increase and control your level of projection, as well as maximizing your stamina for hours of performance without losing your voice or energy. There will be exercises geared toward utilizing your diaphragm, finding your head voice/falsetto, chest voice ("belt"), and working your way to effectively shifting between the two. Since singing for the stage means all eyes are on you, this track also covers the art of "selling" the song, so that you can captivate an audience with more than just your voice, because that's only one element of the technique! This track is unique from other voice lessons in that it is a bit of a hybrid-acting class as well, touching on improvisation exercises, song interpretation, facial exercises, spacial awareness, use of the stage, and audience interaction. Stage performance is a type of active sport, and is a LIFESTYLE to be committed to. This track will not only give you the ability to use your instrument to the fullest, but also places special emphasis on adjusting your daily routines and health choices to ensure that you are always in superstar condition. 


Studio Star

This is a class for the aspiring recording artist. Not to be confused with a course in Digital Music Production, this track is specifically targeted for the SINGER, getting students familiar with the recording studio environment so that they can step into a sound booth without being overwhelmed, ready to take direction from the producer. This class won't overwhelm with technical jargon (leave that stuff to your producer!), but rather will teach you to hone your vocal ability for an optimal recording experience with professional microphone technique, building familiarity with the process of recording a track including testing out multiple sessions and selecting the right ones to be put on the final cut, focusing breath control on dialing back the projection without losing power or emotion, and getting more comfortable with the way your voice sounds on a recording compared to in your own head or in a theatre. This track centers lessons around ACTUAL recording sessions, culminating in the production of the student's very own 3-track demo CD to keep forever and, if desired, to use professionally! Since this is a course focusing specifically on vocal technique and not a songwriting class, students will be selecting three songs to "cover" on their demo, therefore a part of this course centers on the art of making a song your own and ensuring that you're not "the next" anybody, but the first YOU!

Audition/Performance Prep

Do you have a talent show, a school play, a solo performance, or even a big audition coming up? This track will be tailor-made to focus on the material you are specifically preparing for, with lessons from any of the other vocal tracks modified to suit your specific piece. For example, if the student is preparing for a performance in a musical, lessons from the Musical Theatre track will be modified around the songs they are rehearsing in their show. If the student is preparing for an audition, lessons will be modified from either the beginner track or the Musical Theatre track (depending on student's level of experience and audition material), with some preparation for the audition experience and establishing expectations for the process so that when the big day arrives, they are prepared to perform confidently. A good amount of time in this track is also focused on proper voice care and suggestions for healthy practices in preparation for the big event.