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Youth Theatre Program


Our Youth Theatre Program is for committed students who have grown beyond the basics and are looking for more intensive training, pre-professional development, and performance opportunities. Students will gain a higher level of development as actors and artists, both in class and as part of our Youth Company Productions. Students also have the opportunity to perform at community events and local schools.

Enrollment is based on auditions and/or approval.

Students are expected to attend Special Skills workshops/master classes and participate in SS performances and productions as participation offers artistic, technical and emotional growth opportunities, both individually and as a team.

Students serious about their training should also be studying dance (particularly jazz and tap) as well as voice. Being a versatile actor can lead to more roles and many more opportunities to perform!

High School Students have the opportunity to participate as leaders/mentors in our Wingman for the Arts Program

In our Youth Theatre Program, Young Burbank Players will:

  • Learn techniques of acting for onstage and for the camera.
  • Learn how to break down a role and research character, motivation, objectives, and tactics
  • Gain knowledge of various acting methods (building their toolbox) and how to use these methods in performance
  • Learn how to use their bodies, voices and experiences to bring a character from the page to the stage
  • Learn vocal techniques for speaking and singing
  • Receive an overview of technical theatre concepts such as  lighting, stagecraft, costume design and choreography
  • Learn about scene writing, directing and casting- learning what it's like to sit on "the other side of the table"
  • Create original works and gain a deeper understanding of how to develop character and story. 
  • Learn audition techniques and how to build a resume
  • Learn how to overcome obstacles and work as a team.
  • Audition, rehearse and perform in our Youth Theatre Company's mainstage productions