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Drama Workshops

For students wanting to train at a more serious level, we offer workshops to sharpen and hone your skills, overcome areas of trouble and deepen your learning - all so you can "NaIl" a great audition or performance.

Admittance into workshops is by approval only and an interview may be necessary. Please contact us to learn more


Musical Theatre Workshops

Gives tools students need to be successful on the musical theatre stage! Students will discover and explore the skills necessary to be a great musical theatre (triple threat) actor (singing, acting and dancing) and how to integrate those skills into a fun and effective performance.

Playing Shakespeare

Student's are invited into the world of Shakespeare in a magical,engaging way!  Shakespeare’s plays offer actors some of the richest roles in theatre, with characters that explore every facet of the human experience. This course introduces the skills an actor needs to tackle this richly rewarding, classical material, while remaining a class full of fun and mystery! Students will delve into Shakespeare’s texts through script analysis, exploration of language, vocal work, monologues, scene study and Shakespearean insults!.

Monologue Coaching & Audition Prep Class

This class is designed for students looking to sharpen their monologue repertoire and theatre audition skills. It is perfect for those who are auditioning for school musical, performing arts high schools or for the older student looking to get into a college/university drama program.  Students will select material, work with tools, discuss audition techniques, and participate in mock auditions. The goal is for students to leave the class with prepared material and the confidence to do well in their auditions!


Other workshops/intensives offered include:

–Acting for the Camera

–Scene Study



-SFX Makeup

- Stage Combat

- Playwriting

-Technical Theatre

...and more

Private Lessons/Coaching

We offer private coaching for students who are working towards a particular goal, show, or audition. Students do not need to be enrolled in other classes in order to enroll for Private Lessons/Coaching..  Contact us for workshop schedule and prices @ 408.703.5488 or