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The Performance Awards Program

Every student deserves and enjoys recognition for their hard work - and we know that dance is hard work. At Studio Sharise, we believe dancers are not just artists, but also athletes!

To celebrate their hard work and achievements, the serious dance student is encouraged to embrace the opportunity to participate in our exciting Performance Awards Program through the renowned International Dance Acclaim (IDA), and Adapt -  recognized leaders of Tap & Jazz in North America.

This is a program where students are evaluated and publicly recognized with awards and certificates of achievement for their hard work and accomplishments.


The Performance Awards Program is not a competition, but rather an adjudicated performance opportunity creating a positive and enjoyable experience for every student.



Our Performance Awards Program is broken down into 2 categories: Ballet (BPAP) and Broadway Dance (BDPAP).

In our Ballet category, students perform choreographed exercises and a dance or variation in front of an audience of family and friends (choreography and exercises are based on IDA's exceptional performance curriculum). An experienced, international IDA adjudicator will be present to evaluate each student on the choreography performed.

Being assessed by an independent, experienced judge provides an inspiring goal for the students to work towards. Having an international judge ensures students are meeting international standards of training.

Our Jazz and Tap dancers will present choreographed combinations and barre (choreography based on Adapt's innovative and challenging curriculum). Students will be assessed on their mastery of jazz and tap technique as well as style.

After their performances, it's a magical celebration of dance as each dancer receives their medals and certificates to the accolades of the audience.



The Performance Awards Program is specifically designed to accelerate students’ training by improving technique, increasing stamina, and enhancing performance quality.

Participating in The Performance Awards Program not only improves a dancer's skills, but also improves the dancer's self-esteem. By focusing their drive and being motivated to strive for personal excellence, students develop a greater work ethic and sense of determination. When a student realizes what they can accomplish through hard work and commitment, you will see their confidence soar.

This exciting program develops over multiple levels - from the beginner to the professional. Each year a student participates allows them to build a stunning and impressive portfolio of achievement. For students applying for work or college, many potential employers see Graded Performance Adjudications in a very positive way.  Recognized qualifications demonstrate an ability to dedicate commitment to extra-curricular activities, providing evidence of versatility - which gives students an advantage if pursuing a higher education.

Plus, what can be more thrilling for a young dancer than to dance publicly and then be celebrated for their achievements before family and friends?

The Performance Awards Program is part of our Dance Elite intensive dance program geared towards students who are ready to make achieving their personal best a priority.

Eligible ballet students (ages 5+) and tap/jazz student (ages 7+) with a minimum of two years of experience (and/or upon approval) are encouraged to participate.


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