Acro Stars Ages 6+


Next Steps Beginning AcroDance (ages 5-7)


Pre- Jr  AcroDance Program 


If your child LOVES to tumble, cartwheel, and roll around the house, and you want them to learn how to do so safely, then our Acro Stars Class is a perfect fit.

Studio Sharise Creative & Performing Arts Academy is proud to offer the ADTA Pre-Jr AcroDance Curriculum.  Created by the world-renowned Acro Dance Teachers Association, this program is a specially designed foundational AcroDance class for ages 5-7.  Our beginners will receive the proper fundamentals, which will set them up for a safe and successful future in the art of AcroDance.

AcroDance enhances students’ motor skills and kinesthetic awareness. As students progress through this program, they will come to learn tricks such as: headstands, handstands, cartwheels, bridges, and introductory partner work - all in a very safe and super fun environment!


Why Choose a Dance School with Standardized Programing?

Choosing a school with standardized AcroDance programing ensures that your child's training is safe, well-rounded, and effective. By utilizing a set system designed by the industry's top AcroDance syllabus experts, we are able to measure results and see to it that each of our students reach their full potential!

You can feel confident knowing that your child is getting the best beginner AcroDance education possible when you enroll with Studio Sharise Creative & Performing Arts Academy!



Our AcroStars Program is included as part of our Kool Kidz Dance Club combo class