Preschool first steps acro-tumbling class


First Steps Acro & Tumbling (18 mos-6 yrs)


ADTA KinderAcro Program: For Boys and Girls!

Give your child the opportunity to roll, flip, and play in a safe and structured class environment!


Studio Sharise Creative & Performing Arts Academy is proud to offer the ADTA KinderAcro Program. Created by the world-renowned Acro Dance Teachers Association, the KinderAcro Program is the highest-quality acro program available for students ages 18 months – 6 years old

By following the ADTA KinderAcro Program, your child will develop the strong foundational skills, knowledge base, and appreciation of AcroDance that will be of benefit to them no matter what their future path may be – all while done in a safe, challenging, and very fun environment!


KinderAcro Divisions:

This is a parent assisted program where your child will develop their gross and fine-motor skills, explore foundational Acro positions, learn how to follow instructions from a teacher, take turns, and have fun!

This is a non-parent assisted program that focuses on the holistic development of the child. Students will develop gross and fine-motor skills and control, introductory Acro body shapes and tricks, and kinesthetic awareness. At the same time, children will learn how to be in a class, develop their focus and listening skills, and learn co-operative skills.



Why Choose a Dance School with Standardized Programing?

Choosing a school with standardized AcroDance programing ensures that your child's training is safe, well-rounded, and effective. By utilizing a set system designed by the industry's top AcroDance syllabus experts, we are able to measure results and see to it that each of our students reach their full potential!

You can feel confident knowing that your child is getting the best Preschool Acro education possible when you enroll with Studio Sharise Creative & Performing Arts Academy!