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Dance Classes

 In our Studio Sharise Dance Department, our goal is to inspire, train, and encourage students to master their dance skills, excel in their performance skills, and grow in their character. Skills such as creativity, leadership, discipline, and teamwork will not only serve a student in their art, but also in their lives.


Dancers have the opportunity to shine under the stage lights in our June Celebration Performance as well as enroll in our Young Performers Program and perform in our season's stage productions and concerts. We also offer examinations in our pre-professional dance program. A program for students wanting to work towards a career in dance, or who just desire to go above and beyond in their training.


In early years, we use a student's age/grade level as a guideline. In our graded and pre-professional dance programs, student advancement is based on ability, maturity, and physical readiness, not by age. Typically. it takes a student two years to complete a grade/level before advancing. Classes are progressive and are designed to be taken year-long.


Because we "learn by doing", students are expected to attend class consistently, be punctual, and actively participate in classes and performances. A student's committed participation is crucial to the artistic and technical development of the student, as well as the confidence building principles we foster here at Studio Sharise.

In order to stay consistent with our program, messaging and methodology. it is the expectation that all enrolled students do not take dance classes at any other dance school or studio .

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