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Be Amazing!

More than a studio, we are a complete creative and performing arts academy offering exciting programs and an exceptional education in dancing, acting, and singing. In our classes, students feel the pride in achieving their personal best while being supported and challenged in their physical, mental, artistic, and emotional development.

We are passionate about our students, as well as our art and we seek to support each student on the path of excellence by promoting goal setting, character development, teamwork, leadership skills, and having a growth mindset. Our goal is to empower our students with the tools they need to succeed!


We look forward to sharing our passion with you and helping each and every student reach their goals and develop into the most amazing artist and person they can be!

" you climb the stairs to Sharise's studio you are entering a magical place. Sharise is an amazing teacher, she genuinely cares for all her students. She's not only teaching my daughter to become a better dancer, she's teaching her to be a better person, more confident in her abilities. My daughter is starting her fourth year with Studio Sharise and is taking every type of dance class offered, and is further stretching herself by joining the class for the fall musical. If you are wondering, just try it, you'll like it! " - David R.
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