Dance! Sing! Act!

Dance!Sing! Act!

We, at Studio Sharise  Creative and Performing Arts Center, are dedicated to providing you with the very best Creative & Performing Arts education. Located above the Historical Burbank Theatre in San Jose, Ca, Studio Sharise is not merely a dance or acting studio, but a full, multi-focused creative and performing arts school offering classes in dance, acting, and singing. 

Studio Sharise focuses on developing technical mastery, individual creative expression, and performance excellence in all students - All in a welcoming, encouraging and inspiring environment!  Our teachers and staff are passionate about arts education and the benefits that the arts bring.  We look forward to sharing our passion with each and every student and helping every dancer, actor and singer reach their goals and develop into the finest artist they can be!

We offer classes for all ages - 2 yrs old and older - that boys, girls and teens just love.

We offer Adult Only and Private instruction as well!  

So what are you waiting for?  Come, Dance! Sing! and Act! with us and Discover Your Artist Within!